october travel plans

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I haven't done much traveling since I've been back in Rochester, but the fall conference season is heating up, and I'm headed out of town on Sunday (which also happens to be my 4-year blogiversary!).

First stop is Monterey, one of my favorite places, where I'll be doing the closing keynote at Internet Librarian--a conference where I always end up learning a ton of new stuff, and seeing a lot of old friends.

From there I head to Seattle, where I'm on a panel at the Blog Business Summit--unfortunately I'll only be in Seattle for a scant day and a half, arriving Thursday evening and leaving again on Saturday morning. But it will give me a quick fix for my reverse homesickness, and whet my appetite for a return trip in early December. Part of me would love to stay longer, but I'll have been away for a week at that point, and I know I'll be missing my family (and they'll be missing me).

As usual, I expect my blogging output will increase temporarily--travel and conferences both tend to give me a lot to write about.

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Hi Liz, I've been reading your blog for a couple of months after I came across it on rocwiki.org. I see that you are attending the Blog Business Summit. A friend of mine and I are going as well. It should be a good conference, the topics seem to be quite interesting, at least to me.


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