i'm better off today...


..than I was four years ago.

Four years ago this week, I was in Camden, Maine, for the PopTech conference. It's there that I discovered the then relatively new phenomenon of "blogging," and downloaded MovableType (after following a link to it from Howard Rheingold's Smart Mobs site). Upon my return to Rochester--on October 22nd, 2002--I created mamamusings and wrote my first post.

Since then, this blog has brought me so much, personally and professionally.

It's taken me to Joi Ito's house in Tokyo, and to a conference podium at the Burj-Al-Arab Hotel in Dubai. It's helped me find long-lost relatives in Brazil, and provided a living, lasting memorial to my late ex-husband.

It's allowed me to write about issues that matter deeply to me--like depression and recovery--in a way that I know has helped others.

I've made more new friends than I could begin to name here, and made more professional connections in the past four years than in my entire career before the blog.

So happy birthday, mamamusings. And here's to four more years (at least) of personal and professional growth through blogging.


Happy Anniversary (of sorts)!

When I was new to this blogging thing and trying to feel my way around it, yours was one of the blogs I read on a daily basis. It provided me with a framework that I have ended up adopting and making my own -- writing on those things that matter to me, be they home, family, techstuff, photography and using those entries to make connections across the world where none were before and would not have been were it not for my blog.

I remember you asking me, years ago, why I chose LiveJournal as a blogging platform. The most basic answer is that it was free. If I had had free server access I likely would have gone with a separate Moveable Type-driven blog. As it is, with LJ I've found/helped to create an interesting community of friends.

I respectfully bow in your general direction, gratefully acknowledging my debt to you and my appreciation for your work.


Congratulations of four years of excellent blogging, Liz!

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