getting our money's worth out of our insurance

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I spent the first three hours of my morning yesterday in the pediatric emergency room with my almost-ten-year-old, who was making a barking noise that scared the crap out of me. Turns out he had croup, nothing life-threatening, and was back in school today.

Tonight, just as I was settling in to do some grading, Gerald called me upstairs in a tone of voice that made me stop what I was doing and hustle. He was having a severe nosebleed, which wasn't stopping when he applied pressure to his nose. He's a former paramedic, so when he said I should call 911 I did, and the ambulance just took him off to the same hospital we were at yesterday. The paramedics didn't seem overly concerned (they asked him if he wanted to be transported to the hospital, rather than immediately bundling him off), but I figure we're better safe than sorry.

Add to that the fact that on Friday my doctor sent me off for a CT scan to try rule out any particularly scary potential causes of a severe sudden-onset headache I'd gotten earlier in the week, and I'm extremely grateful that one of the benefits of my job is excellent health insurance. (And that we're back in a town where we love our doctors and have great medical facilities.)

[Oh, the CT scan was completely normal. Nothing to worry about.]

All in all, however, I'd prefer not to be getting quite so much of my money's worth out of my coverage.

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