timely post from presentation zen on scott mccloud's work


I wrote yesterday about Scott McCloud's upcoming visit to RIT. Today I opened up my aggregator and found a post from one of my favorite design-focused blogs, Presentation Zen, on how McCloud's book Understanding Comics informs design of all kinds. There are good reasons why McCloud's book is a favorite not just of aspiring graphic novelists, but also of lovers of graphic design and narrative of all kinds.

Read the post.

Then come to the talk. I'll be there (along with as many of my students I can convince to attend).


McCloud is also required reading for anyone designing virtual world/avatar or online community product design. It's on my short Amazon must read list.

Kevin Cheng and Jane Jao from Yahoo! Local did a great presentation on Communicating Concepts Through Comics at the 2006 IA Summit. Here is a reference on Kevin's site:


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