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Gerald took himself to the hospital this morning, where they said he had bacterial gastroenteritis, and weren't sure if it was from the tap water on the boat or the raw oysters...both of which we'll be avoiding for the rest of the trip. They rehydrated him, gave him something for the cramps, and sent him back with an Rx for an antibiotic to kill off what's left of the bacteria. He's napping on the boat now, and we're hoping to have him back to full strength soon.

Tomorrow we'll send two of the four boys back to Bellevue for a few days. Hopefully Lili won't notice that we've swapped one of her children for one of ours...or, if she does, that she won't mind. :) Over the weekend we'll set things back to normal configurations.

And tonight we'll grill steaks and bake potatoes, and watch the fireworks over Pleasant Harbor from the top deck of the boat.

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