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Gerald got in late last night, and took the boys from tears to laughter in minutes. I fell asleep listening to them horsing around up above me in the hot tub.

View from the bowAnd I was right...everything was better this morning. I woke around 6am to the sound of wind chimes, the feel of a cool breeze through the window, and a view of green pine trees against a clear blue sky.

Today we'll figure out what we need to feel comfortable here (more food, for sure; more lights, definitely), and tomorrow when we're back in Seattle for a party I'll stock up at Target.

I realized this morning that staying here is much less like the hotels that we're used to staying in, and much more like the cabin in northern Ontario that I used to vacation at with friends, back in high school and college. Not much to do there but eat, sleep, fish, swim, read, and listen to music. Here we add a bit of high-speed computing, some TVs that we can hook up a DVR to (and play back the many episodes of Family Guy that my kids recorded before we left), and easy access to several nearby parks. It's all about perspective--which we always seem to have more of when Gerald's here :)

I've been trying to remember when the last time I took a real vacation was--a vacation of more than a day or two, with nothing to do but relax. I honestly can't remember, and that's not a good thing. So I'll use this month to make up for it.

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