home sweet home


Wow, it feels good to be home. Warmly welcomed by neighbors, kids having a great time with friends, takeout food from our favorite Indian restaurant en route to our table.

The house feels small and a bit shabby compared to where we've been living, but it won't be hard to spruce it up, and I'd rather have it than all the mini-mansions in Seattle. Walking down the warm sidewalk to visit with neighbors, watching the evening thunderstorm approach, listening to Lane laughing and hanging out with his buds...it's all good.


Glad you are back -- hoping to see you soon. I'd have been on your steps to greet you if I could.

Liz, I really enjoyed reading about your cross country trip, especially since I would like to do the same thing one day with my children. Thanks for letting us all in on the fun (and the not so fun, at times!).

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