graduate cscw class this fall at rit


This fall I'm going to be teaching a graduate class on CSCW--computer-supported collaborative work. In many ways, CSCW is the academic field of social computing, although social computing goes well beyond collaborative work.

As a result, I'll be covering not just the more traditional forms of CSCW (groupware, email, etc), but also the newer forms of social computing that are becoming increasingly influential in business contexts--blogs, wikis, social networking tools, social bookmarking, and more.

Right now, the course only has three students enrolled (in part because it's seldom offered, and people don't really know what's covered in it), and I need ten in order for it to run in the fall. So if you're an RIT graduate student (or advanced undergraduate, or even a colleague) interested in a distance-learning class on social technologies, please consider enrolling in 4002.892.90!

Later this week I'll work on putting up a tentative course outline, and I'll post an update when that's available. (I need to get my MT courseware updated first.)


It's a bummer that I am done after the summer quarter. That sounds like it would be a really fun class to take.

oooh - i sooo wanna see what you'll be teaching for this!

I used your MT-courseware templates for my classes before, and i started making a new site for my statistics course that begins in early november, when i remembered that sometime this summer on your blog you refered to an update. I found the post, but not the update. It appears that the 'old' templates are still very well behaved in MT 3.3, btw, but I'm curious whether you did change or add something important/essential in the templates due to the new version 3.3 of MT?

Alas, I haven't been able to spend the time I'd like to on the templates. :(

I'm still wishing for an easy way to import the templates into MT, so that people who aren't really into mechanics can use them more easily...

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