does seattle ever get summer weather?


We figured it would be safe to spend two weeks on the water in July. But the skies have been gray for two days, and even at noon the temperature's only up to 58 degrees today. Over the weekend we may break 70 again, but then they're predicting clouds, rain, and chilly temperatures for the rest of the week.


It's cold and damp and I'm feeling quite out of sorts. If we have to be in transition for a month, was it so much to ask that the transtional period be enjoyable? The first week was dominated by illness and far too much driving (I went back to Seattle again yesterday to drop off two of four kids, and with ferry wait times added in it took nearly 8 hours round trip). Now that we're inching towards a better healthy adult to child ratio, the weather turns rotten.

Okay, that's the end of my self-pitying rant. I'm sure it will get better. We have books and movies and music and computers. There are far worse places to be stuck inside. I just wish I'd brought more sweatshirts and fewer sleeveless tops.


I remember visiting my cousins in Seattle a few years ago. They tell me it's rainy and cloudy most of the year. I actually spent three weeks with them during late July and halfway through August, and the weather was (almost) perfect the whole time I was there.

It's almost shocking, but you can schedule the first two weeks of August as perfect sunny weather. That's what locals say, and it certainly held true for the five years I lived there. As long as climate change hasn't reached this sacrosanct guarantee, it should happen this year too.

The rest of the year--well, you know--either you love it or you don't. My partner couldn't stand the lack of sun, but I loved the gray.

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