cross-country trip day 9: house on the rock!


HOTR Angel 2 This was, without a doubt, the strangest place I have ever been. I'm glad I went, but I don't think I want to go back.

It took nearly four hours to tour the whole thing, which included going through twisted passageways and up and down spiraling ramps, all in dim lighting, often with strangely discordant music emanating from the self-operating musical instrument displays.

I took a few photos, all up at Flickr, but there's really no way to capture the utter bizarreness of the place.

In other news, Lane and I had an enjoyable breakfast with a number of folks from my WoW guild this morning, at the Original Pancake House--which was one of the best breakfast spots I can remember eating at. Highly recommended if you ever find yourself in Madison.


That House on the Rock is fabulous! If it didn't take several hours to savor it, I would love to visit it myself, being a lifelong connoisseur of truly gorgeous Kitsch such as that.

Happy Motoring, Dad

Dad, I *totally* was thinking of you at HOTR.

You really should go. It is, without a doubt, the pinnacle of kitsch. It is the Mount Olympus of kitsch. It is undescribable. (Although I also recommend reading Neil Gaiman's American Gods, which I think you'd enjoy, and which has a detailed description.)

While it does take hours, there are many places along the way to sit and rest, and three different cafes (a pizza place, "Inspiration Point", and the Garden Cafe). It's worth the trip.

(BTW, I bought you a shot glass there. :)

I stumbled upon "the house' while on summer break and my life will never be the same! No, really! I came home full of energy and inspiration after seeing what one man can accomplish. Alex's work leaves a mark on your soul! you will never be able to explain this place to others--they just have to see for themselves--but even then, not everyone will "get" this place.

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