cross-country trip day 8: eagan, mn to madison, wi



We're in Madison tonight, after a few hours of parental suffering in the Mall of America, and a relatively uneventful drive down I-94. Dinner plans fell through, so I took the kids out for dinner while Gerald relaxed, and I'm now drinking a glass of chardonnay in the "Highland Club" that our "premium room" gives us access to. A nice perk, but they'll be kicking me out in 4 minutes (we're on central time now, so it's 8:56), which means I have to type fast.

Tomorrow, breakfast at 7:30am at the Original Pancake House here in Madison, with a bunch of games & learning friends (well, actually, they're really WoW friends. but it's the same thing). Then we head to the House on the Rock, and back here for another night in Madison--I expect there will be some interesting photos from the day's adventures.. Friday morning we'll start back on the road home.


So what do you think of Wisconsin so far? I know you've only seen most of from I-94, but I would love to hear your opinion of my home state.

What's your route from Madison to Chicago: I-90 down to Rockford onto Chicago or I-94 through Milwaukee to Chicago?

I recommend the I-94 route. Since moving out to Rochester I have discovered that this is the fastest route. The added bonus is that you get to see the Chicago skyline up close. The second added bonus is that you can avoid tolls by taking the Ryan Expressway through Chicagoland.


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