cross-country trip day 7: mitchell, sd to eagan, mn

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(The boys have taken over the PC laptops for gaming, so I'm using my Powerbook tonight...thus no Streets & Trips image. Happily, it was a route simple enough for even Google Maps to display.)

Today's drive was boring, the only decent hotel near the Mall of America that wasn't fully booked up only had a smoking room (ick), and I just spent four hours in a mall/amusement park with two kids. Not my favorite day of the trip, but the kids loved it.

Tomorrow we'll go back to the mall for more rides, and the kids will get to spend a little money now that they've window-shopped. (The extended visit is for them, since this is the only place they've actually asked to stay longer at.) Then we'll get back on the road and see how far into Wisconsin we can get before Gerald and I get worn out...which means tomorrow's entry will be equally boring. However, Thursday morning we plan to hit the House on the Rock, and Thursday evening I hope to spend visiting with friends in Madison.

Friday we'll shoot for Toledo, which means we'll get back to Rochester on Saturday, assuming no other delays or distractions. (My original prediction of Friday was based on a futile hope that I could convince the boys that they really weren't that interested in the Mall of America. Silly me.)

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Silly you, Liz! Ha, your post made me laugh. I'm sure you will be ready for lots of rest and alone time when you return:) Sounds like you're making the most of your trip. You are making memories that your boys will never forget. Rochester and your blue house are waiting for you!

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