cross-country trip day 6: rapid city, sd to mitchell, sd



Alex was greatly recovered this morning, so we got on the road at around 9:30 and headed east. It was a busy day, which started with the famous Wall Drug Store in Wall, SD, where we drank deeply of their famous ice water, bought a few souvenirs, and gazed upon the jackelope and T-Rex in the backyard.

Wall Drug Store

It was a good thing we drank plenty of ice water--and carried cold drinks in our cooler--because it was HOT HOT HOT in the Badlands. I took a picture when my car's outside temperature gauge showed 106 degrees, thinking that was as hot as it would get. I was wrong. At one point it actually went as high as 109. As a result, we kept our stops very short, took some photos, and got back into the air conditioned comfort of our cars. Still, it was spectacular.

Badlands 15

We arrived in Mitchell, SD, at about 7pm (local time; we crossed from Mountain to Central time along the way). After settling into a lovely suite at the Hampton Inn, we headed out to see the Corn Palace, which was everything I expected. The boys were only able to tolerate about 30 minutes of it, after which we grabbed KFC for dinner and headed back here to relax.

Oh...and we got great news today. It seems our tenants decided to leave a week early, which means we'll be able to move right back into our house as soon as we arrive. So we could arrive back in our house as early as this Friday, if all goes as planned. Yay!



I'm leaving town this Friday for a week (Boston for a gaming conference and then to DC to pick up the boys).

But you shall be the first stop when I get back. It'll be good to have you home.

Cool -- so you'll actually be passing within 45 minutes of my place in Western Minnesota sometime today. I'll wave southward this morning.

What an amazing photo! But, uh, excuse my ignorance, but is it really called the Badlands? I thought that was in Azeroth... Though I know many places in the US are named for places in other countries...

Weez...:( I'm bummed you won't be there when I get back.

Jill, yes, it's really called the Badlands. The photo was taken in Badlands National Park.

PZ, I thought I sensed good vibes as we sped through that part of the state!

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