cross-country trip day 3: butte, mt to cody, wy



(I couldn't get Google Maps to map this the way we went; I'll need to grab a screen from Streets & Trips on my PC laptop sometime tomorrow to replace the shot above. But this is close enough for now.)

(Streets & Trips does a much better job of showing the routes we're taking than Google Maps, particularly when we take detours, so I'll be using it for the illustrations.)

I took photos today, but not one of them captures even a fraction of the beauty of Yellowstone. It was, I think, the most beautiful place I've ever been. If I'd been traveling alone, I would have pulled over 50 times today to soak in the views and take photos to remember them.

Old Faithful For the boys, the highlight of the day was definitely seeing Old Faithful. We got there just in time to see it spout, and it was fun to watch. For me, it was the incredible views of rivers, rocks, mountains, and lakes. We saw bison by the side of the road, and watched an osprey grab a fish out of a stream and swoop past our car. Driving the scenic byway from the park to Cody in the early evening sun was heartbreakingly beautiful. I think I'm in love with this region.

Tomorrow, South Dakota...including Deadwood (since Gerald loves the show), Mount Rushmore, Wind Cave National Park, and Badlands National Park. I suspect we'll need to spend two nights in Rapid City to do it all, but we'll see.


Wow! I have never been to Yellowstone -- somehow I thought it was all spoiled by tourists and cartoon bears. Friends have been asking me what's my next trip, and now I know: it's the Wild West.

Hi Liz,
Funny coincidence! My inlaws - your neighbors - are in W. Yellowstone this week, visiting Teddy's Aunt. They have driven out to MT a few times. I heard the Dakotas were reeeaaallly boring, so they go a more southern route now. And yes, I've heard many times of Yellowstone's beauty. By the way, Teddy is counting the days...

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