cross-country trip day 2: winthrop, wa to butte, mt



Yesterday was a long driving day--nearly 500 miles. Lots of beautiful views from the roads (and one impressive but slightly scary view of a big wildfire in Montana), but we didn't stop to take any photos. We crashed at a Best Western in Butte, with a nice pool & hot tub, free wifi, and a free breakfast.

I'm actually finding myself energized rather than drained by the trip, which is why (despite the time change) I find myself up well before Gerald and the boys. If I come out to Seattle again next summer, I'm definitely driving. In fact, I wouldn't rule out renting a convertible to do the drive. (Weez, we should do it together! LIke Thelma and Louise, but with a happier ending!)

Today we'll be heading into Yellowstone from the west, stopping at lots of scenic overlooks and visiting Old Faithful. We'll exit on the east side, and spend the night in Cody, Wyoming. So tonight's entry (or tomorrow morning's) will definitely include photos.


That sounds like a fantastic adventure.

I love that you're posting the google maps images of your route, keep it up.

Wow. We let her out for, what, three weeks? and she switches to Google Maps.

Forget the convertible. Instead, get a motorcycle!

Heh. Danyel, I tried, but it was soooo slow to load on the slow connections we had the first few days. But because Google Maps doesn't let me set midpoints that reflect our nonstandard routes, I've switched over to Streets & Trips instead. :)

Marcia, I've seen a lot of motorcyclists on this trip, and I'd be lying if I didn't say I found the idea somewhat appealing. But I'm a wuss about weather, and really don't want to deal with rainstorms and blistering heat. I like being able to protect myself from the elements as needed.

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