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It was a hard day for our family today. Moving is always stressful, and saying goodbye to a house that you've come to think of as home is particularly hard for kids. Add to that the fact that we took our hedgehog, Cecil, back to the pet store today, and that I can't get the internet connection sharing to work properly yet (the pc sees the network and can join it, but doesn't get an IP), and that the lighting on the boat is really poor, and that the boys didn't get nearly enough sleep last night. So tonight has been rough.

The boat is lovely during the day...lots of deck space to hang out on, and room to wander outside. But as it grew darker tonight, it became clear that the lighting on the boat leaves much to be desired. We can't find any light at all in the bathrooms, and the few lights we have found are dim and depressing. It's rather like camping out...which is not so good for me or Lane, since both of us dislike camping :)

Tomorrow, when the sun's out again, we'll see what we can do about improving the internal lighting. We need to locate the few outlets, perhaps procure some extension cords, and head into Port Townsend or Port Angeles to see if we can find an inexpensive lamp or two to brighten up our evenings a bit. We'll pick up some DVDs for the boys to watch on their computers, too. As I told Lane, everything will seem easier and less depressing in the morning. I hope I was right...

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