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I'm sitting at the kitchen table on the 43' yacht we're renting for the next two weeks. The new Verizon broadband access card is plugged into my new Sony SZ240 notebook, and I'm online on the water. Amazing.

I was expecting this to be spectacularly unsuccessful, because today has not been a good technology day--from the Garmin GPS unit in our car inexplicably going dead to the home printer refusing to print Google maps to the Pharos GPS unit that I got with MIcrosoft Streets & Trips once again refusing to talk to my computer.

But Gerald, who has been incredibly, outrageously wonderful all week--handling every detail of packing, cleaning, and prepping to leave--sent us on our way at midday, and once we cleared the city (not so much fun waiting for a ferry on the Friday before the 4th of July...) things started looking up.

The boat is lovely, with enough space to comfortable house us for the next two weeks, and a lovely breeze even though it's a pretty warm day. Gerald's bringing fans when he arrives tonight, so I think we'll be comfortable even without A/C.

We'll be setting up a wifi network on the boat by plugging the Verizon card into my Powerbook and then sharing the signal over the Airport card--which means no fighting between the kids (or the mom) as to who gets to be online when we get tired of sunning, swimming, boating, and soaking (in the hot tub on the top deck).

That sound you hear? It's all the stress rushing out of me as I slowly come to the realization that I am on vacation. Ahhhhhhhhh.


The sound you are hearing from me is jealousy.

That sounds awesome, hope you have a great time.

Hey, Liz. Could this device be useful in setting up a network?

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