what happens when ze frank inspires mark pilgrim to videoblog?

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Why, I actually watch a videoblog for the first time, that's what. I even downloaded a new video player (VLC) in order to watch it.

Here's Mark's introduction to the video: "Welcome to the first annual “dive into mark” show! It’s just like reading my blog, except it takes forever to download, requires an unwieldy array of third-party software, and it’s not accessible to blind people, deaf people, or search engines."

Also, his response in the comments to his post: "Zefrank was obviously my inspiration to try out video blogging. Of course, Dave Winer was my inspiration to try out text blogging, and we all know how well that turned out. Here’s hoping."

It was worth watching this one, because I've never actually_met_ Mark--we seem not to frequent the same conferences--and I'm a total fangirl of his writing. So I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get a sense of what he looks and sounds like.

Will I keep watching if he keeps uploading videos? Probably not. For all the reasons he alludes to above. The text of his video is in his blog entry, and it doesn't require speakers or headphones or adjusting video settings. Plus it's a lot harder to quote video.

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