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I left Seattle at lunchtime today, headed for a very short trip to Rochester. Gerald and the boys dropped me off at the airport, and after they'd given me hugs and kisses and driven off, I realized I'd left my cell phone in the car. Ack. There aren't many things I travel with that I can't replace on the road, but my phone is one of them. I found a pay phone in the airport that took a credit card (who carries a callng card or change when they've got a cell phone, right?), and tried calling Gerald's cell. No answer. Called mine, hoping they'd hear it ring and answer it. Nope. Repeated that cycle three times, then realized I had to get into the security line from hell if I was going to make my flight.

I arrived in Detroit a few minutes ago, and beelined for a restaurant where I could grab some food, sit near a plug, and fire up Skype. (Between Skype and WoW/TeamSpeak, I really need to get a new bluetooth headset; my old one won't hold a charge anymore, and even if I don't use it with my phone, I'll use it with my computer plenty.) Talked to Lane, who said Gerald was out taking Alex to yoga. So I asked Lane to ask Gerald to send me the phone...and Lane said he already had! They'd gone to the post office this afternoon and shipped it out express mail.

I've said this before, but it bears repeating...my husband rocks!

Thanks, Gerald. I love you! (And I know you'll probably read this before I get a chance to call and thank you by phone...)

So now I can head off to my connecting flight, secure in the knowledge that my phone is en route to me.

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Glad you got your phone back so fast - go Gerald!

So - you use WoW teamspeak with a mac? I thought it was PC only?

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