if this is wednesday, i must be in the marriott


While I do enjoy some travel, I don't particularly like back-to-back trips with little time to enjoy the location. I'm in Boulder right now, but I got in this afternoon, and will leave tomorrow at dinnertime. Between the time change this week, the three-hour time difference between Seattle and Durham, and the two-hour difference between Durham and Boulder, my body clock is totally out of whack, and my sleep schedule is thoroughly messed up.

Tomorrow I'll spend the day at the NCWIT, where I'm part of an NSF site evaluation team. My flight heads back to Seattle at 8:20pm, and I'll be sleeping (or, more likely, trying to sleep) in my own bed tomorrow night. Yay!


Have a safe trip.

Liz, to reset the body-clock, wander around in the sunshine for half an hour. It will tell your body how to adjust. I have given up on jet lag...unless I arrive at night.


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