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A couple of people have asked "offline" whether things are still on track with the dietary and activity changes. The answer is definitely yes. Still doing cardio 3x/week and weights 3x/week, and the changes in food intake continue. Gerald and I pushed our "cheat day" from last Sunday to Tuesday, so we could have a decadent valentine's dinner. It was wonderful, but I found I didn't really want to eat all of the carbs that came with it, so I ended up eating much less than I might have. (I even stopped halfway through the creme brulee, which is quite unusual for me.) Despite that, I felt unpleasantly full for the rest of the evening--a sign that my body has definitely adapted to the new eating habits.

Some discoveries of good replacement snack foods along the way...

  • Luna bars, which I think are hands-down the best tasting of the various high-protein snack bars out there (so far I've tried, and liked, the S'Mores, Lemon Zest, Chai Tea, and Cookies 'n' Cream flavors).
  • Soy Crisps, which satisfy my chip cravings
  • Terra Chips, also good for chip cravings

Weight loss is slow but steady. Well-being increases are faster and also steady. It's all good.


I, too, think Luna Bars are quite wonderful-- althought the Cherry Covered Chocolate variety is quite disgusting, IMHO. It reminds me of Coco-Krispies dipped in cough syrup. >blech

Good for you, Liz! Since we went "low carb" two years ago, we've taken off weight and kept off most of it, and I agree--I find half a dessert is enough. We have a cheat night, too! I get to the Y for treadmilling five days a week. I find that eating fewer bad carbs and more vegetables and soy has given me a lot more energy.

great job: but those chips would be my binge down fall.

Luna Bars are the best! I've stocked up on a case of the Key Lime Pie ones...

Hi Liz - I'm a former student of yours, many years ago - enjoying your blog

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