I can't blame it on the gray skies, because we had a string of beautifully clear (but very cold) days last week. And I can't blame it on work, which has been full of wonderful new challenges and opportunities of late. (No, I can't blog about that. At least not yet. But soon, I hope.) I'm not sure what to blame it on, really, but I've been in an awfully crabby mood for the past few days.

Actually, I probably do know what to blame it on--I've just been loathe to admit it. Last week, right after I posted about "staying the course," I veered off the track. I think all those carbs in my Valentine's night meal set off a series of cravings, and the really cold weather caused me to avoid our garage-based weight bench for a couple of mornings in a row. So I ended up with three days of no exercise and an unbalanced diet. That, combined with normal hormonal swings, was a very bad thing.

Like Weez, I took a 4-weeks-later photo this week. Unlike her, I didn't see a significant difference in the images. But, to quote one of my favorite movies from childhood, it's often the case that "you see what you want to see." And given where my head was at the time, it's not surprising that I didn't see positive change. Today I weighed myself at the gym, and discovered that I've lost 8 pounds since she left town in January. That's just over a pound a week, which is pretty respectable. And I know I'm stronger, as well.

So yes, it appears undeniably true that not only is this approach to eating and activity having an effect on my physical appearance, it's having an equally significant effect on my state of mind. That's a good thing to remember when the ice cream looks tempting--is it really worth feeling this out of sorts for several days for that fleeting sensory treat?

So I'm climbing back out of the (carb-induced?) funk, and back into a positive mindset. I have so much to be happy about, and I'm working hard at shifting my focus back to that.


Oh Wow! The Point! It is so wonderful to find a like spirit who knows about that wonderful movie. Hey, Liz, have you seen it again lately? I rented the version that is narrated by Ringo Starr and there are several places that just are not the same. Like the very end, remember what happens to The Count's point? Ah, well, don't want to spoil it for anyone. Looks like the original may not be available anymore.

Here's a good page for anyone looking:

I can't wait for SXSW so I can discover what other connections we have. My heart missed a beat when the panel schedule first was posted on the south-by site, because your name had mistakenly been replaced by someone else. Glitch fixed, happiness restored. I hope the same soon comes true for you.

Take me to the bridge.

Get on up (heh)
Get on up

Hi Liz,

I just came across your blog after seeing something you wrote in response to a Wal-Mart comment on another blog...and so on, and so on...

So I wanted to say "hi" since I noticed one of the places you have lived is Randolph, AL. My parents live in te 36792 area of Antioch. Nice to see others who get out and explore!

(You really don't have to post this! :) )Julie

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