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Does anyone know of a good, free, lightweight, event registration software system that I could install on a unix-based web server?

I'm running an event that will have ~90 people at it, and I want an easy way for them to be able to register for the event, and submit basic bios (and photos, ideally, but I can live without that). No money collection, no complex program management. And it would be nice to be able to have basic functionality built in to generate a list of participants, and even nametags.

Yes, I know this is buildable, probably with relatively little effort. But I have zero free time and zero dev resources to devote to this, so would much rather avoid reinventing the wheel if the wheel already exists.



TED (next week in Monterey) uses IntroNetworks which Teddy, my business partner, likes playing with.

I've been trying to find a reasonable source for this and most of them appear to charge much more than I would like. Then I came across the company that Gnomedex is using, Mollyguard Events. And it looks like it will work for no-cost tickets.

Have a look at this service: just used a simple wiki and it's been working pretty well for the small conference.

EventBrite is great.

The best in the market is They provide free online registration software. Check them out.. they are wonderful!

I have to agree with Eric. EventBrite is easy to use and covers the whol deal. They make it easy to have folks pay via paypal or credit card. Check them out.

We have used EventBrite with moderate success.

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