christmas latkes


Latkes!Like me, my kids are growing up in a mixed religion household. So our Christmas dinner tonight consisted of way too many latkes (potato pancakes), made with my father's traditional recipe.

The kids opened their presents this morning--Santa (and their grandparents) were very, very good to them. They've spent the day playing with their new Nintendo DS's and games, as well as their Fly Pens (which I think will be extremely useful in making homeschooling a little more fun).

I got a combo charger/FM transmitter for the video iPod that Gerald got me a few weeks ago, some Happy Bunny slippers, a nifty wind-up flashlight to keep in my car, and something that I scoffed at when I first saw advertised, but which we've used three times today and promises to be a very useful addition to our appliances--a combination egg-and-muffin cooker. It's easy and safe enough for the kids to operate, which makes it better than many alternatives, and it's super easy to clean (just one tiny non-stick pan that has to be washed, and it can be done in about 20 seconds). As ridiculous at it seems, I rather like it. I also got a new cast iron skillet (pre-seasoned!) to use for cooking latkes, since we left my much loved and well-seasoned pan at home in Rochester.

Since tonight's also the first night of hanukkah, the latkes seemed appropriate for dinner (when the holidays don't overlap, we often get chinese takeout for Christmas dinner, another modern Jewish tradition). Cooking the latkes takes several hours (if you factor in peeling and grating potatos and onions, and getting the batter and oil temperature exactly right...) So now I've collapsed onto the couch, stomach full-to-bursting with those oh-so-unhealthy treats, and I'm off to Azeroth to try to level my character up a bit tonight.

Merry/happy hanukkah/christmas to you all!

(Oh...and many, many thanks to all the people who helped us out on yesterdays wifi question--you all rock!)



I don't know how to say this in english so I say it in french :" ├ža donne faim !"

which can be translated as something akin to "it makes me hungry"

Merry Christmas.

Wish I'd had your father's recipe yesterday when I made my first batch of latkes ever. I mean, mine were tasty, but the potatoes weren't grated fine enough and next time I'll use more egg than was suggested in the Wikipedia recipe.

merry/happy to you too.

thanks liz. Yummy

Oh,it's so delicious.
ha ha,I'm hungry.
I hope I could eat it in future.

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