eastward ho!

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Tomorrow morning the kids and I will head east to Rochester, where we'll be spending a week in our old stomping grounds. It will be odd to be home but not home--someone else is living in our house, so we'll be staying with my mom while we're there.

The boys are pretty excited about seeing their friends. Me too.

I'll still be accessible via the usual email, IM, and phone contacts. Wifi in my mom's house, wifi on campus, wifi in most of the coffeeshops I frequent there...

While there I'm hoping to reinvigorate my lab at RIT--in my absence, its been dormant, and I have some ideas for things the folks I left behind could be working on. I'm also hoping to foster more interaction between the RIT social computing club and the lab, as well as perhaps getting our public workshop plans back on track.

I've also printed out a substantial stack of research papers that I'm hoping to get through on the airplane--in hopes that the kids will be able to amuse themselves reasonably well with books and gameboys while I read (I hope, I hope, I hope....).

I'm planning to be around the RIT campus on Thursday and Friday, exact times to be determined (I have to work around the array of doctor's appointments that the boys and I have while home...nothing serious, but we've waited to deal with myriad small problems until we were back with our regular health care providers). If you want to get together, drop me a line and I'll see what I can work out.

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There has been lack of communication at RIT on the MovableType Site License. Your blog posting at: http://mamamusings.net/archives/2004/11/11/rit_mt_site_license.php is the only mention that I can find.

It would be nice if someone or a group organized an event to help the RIT community understand what MT is and how it can be leveraged as a self-publishing tool.

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