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It's bad enough watching most powerpoint presentations in person, so I almost never am willing to watch a streaming video of one after the fact. But as I was cleaning out my inbox today, I stumbled across a link a colleague had sent me to a presentation at this years OSCON (Open Source Conference) by Dick Hardt of Sxip.

I would have deleted it, if it hadn't included glowing recommendations from both Cory Doctorow and Larry Lessig--two people whose opinions I don't dismiss lightly. So I took a chance and clicked on the link.


Now that's a good presentation. Visually effective, great style, good enough to survive transformation into a low-bitrate streaming presentation.

(Update: Had I read more of the archives of Presentation Zen, I would have realized that Hardt uses a style much like that of Larry Lessig [whom I've never had the privilege of meeting or even listening to], and which has even been named "The Lessig Method.")

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Identity 2.0 from Alex Barnett blog on November 24, 2005 1:42 AM

I missed this first, second and third time around. Not this time. Just watched it. First class:... Read More

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I'm with you... This was perfect. I didn't glance away. I can't wait til' my husband comes home so I can force him to watch it too.

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