i missed my blogiversary this year...


mamamusings turned three years old on October 23rd. Thanks to Jim McGee (who shares the date, but not the year) for reminding me!

Has it really only been three years? How is that possible?

Starting a blog has been the most influential professional act I've ever taken. Because of my blog I'm here at Microsoft, enjoying a dream sabbatical. I'm giving keynotes at conferences like Internet Librarian. I've built a professional network that literally spans the globe. I've built a network of new friends, also spanning the globe. I've been able to leverage this online presence into so many real-world opportunities and connections that I'm embarrassed to list them all here.

Thank you so much to all of you who've read this blog, commented on it, linked to it, challenged me on it. You've helped to change my life, and my gratitude is boundless.

(And with that, I'm hereby declaring a brief moratorium on meta-blogging posts. When your "on blogging" category is the largest one in your archives, you're probably doing way too much navel-gazing.)


Happy Anniversary, Liz. I've been enjoying your posts for a while now, especially your very objective take on the world. (nice work/life balance, too.

When your “on blogging” category is the largest one in your archives, you’re probably doing way too much navel-gazing.

To your credit, you do contribute to other blogs. Meta-blogging might not have such a big lead if you include those posts.

Happy Blogiversary!

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