life is good: airborne edition


As I got out of my car in the SeaTac parking garage, at my feet was a sheet of paper advertising stickers from the "Life is Good" line of products. It made me smile, because lately my life has, indeed, been good. That's not to say there haven't been challenges, changes, and occasional crises. But those are part of any life, and I'm increasingly aware it's up to me to determine the level of happiness or suffering I experience.

I'm writing this as I fly over the Cascade mountain range, en route to NYC via Delta's new subsidiary, Song. So far, I'm very pleasantly impressed with Song's service. They're clearly trying to compete with JetBlue, from the quirky and entertaining safety announcements (today's was done to flamenco music) to the seat-back television. The music selections are good, the headphone connections accommodate my beloved Etymotic earphones, and the overpriced food at least looks appetizing. (I brought my own snacks, though, and I've opted for party shuffle in iTunes while I type.)

This is the first time I've traveled in quite a while; one of the great advantages of being in a major tech city like Seattle is that I don't have to leave town to interact with people active in my areas of interest. Why go to a conference, after all, when you can have dinner guests like Robert and Maryam Scoble, Buzz Bruggeman, Lilia Efimova, Nancy White, Lili Cheng and Linda Stone? In fact, it's been about five months since I've traveled for work-related reasons. This is a short trip, though. I arrive tonight at 7pm EST, and leave 48 hours later. Just enough time to give the opening keynote tomorrow at C2, enjoy presentations from a few other people, admire the view (I hope) from my hotel room, and then head home.

There hasn't been much blogging in this space (or any of my spaces) recently. Not because of any conscious decision to take a break...I just don't seem to have been in the blogging mood. I've been pretty focused on building a comfortable social and professional space for me and my family, and that takes a lot of offline engagement. At home we've been entertaining fairly frequently (it's a lovely house for that)--both kids and adults. And at work, my efforts to increase my interaction have definitely born fruit--resulting in a lot less free time. But traveling always seems to spur me to write. I'll probably churn out a few posts over the next two days, both here and on M2M (and maybe misbehaving, even!). And there will be occasional cameraphone photos on Flickr (alas, I forgot my Canon A95 on this trip).


Have a great trip! Knock 'em into orbit with your keynote!

A really fascinating part of the PBS Frontline documentary 'The Persuaders', has to do with Song and how they came up with their brand.

You can watch it online here, for free (yay PBS!)

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