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My UK trip is fast approaching, and I'm having to start to think about logistics.

I get into Heathrow late Saturday morning (a direct flight from Seattle, in fact!), and will be going to the rental apartment in London that I'm sharing with my colleague--Scala House.

Sunday we'll take the train into Oxford for the symposium we're presenting at (leaving my colleague's partner to play in London during our absence) and will stay in Oxford through Wednesday midday. Then we'll take the train back to London, and will stay in the apartment through Sunday, when we all head back home. (I leave early on Sunday morning. Blech.)

So, what night is good for a London blogger/geek get-together? Should we use this post as a gathering point?

Updated 2:11pm

I'm going to be meeting Tom Coates on Thursday night, at a time and location as yet to be determined. Will provide more details here as I have them.

I may be going to visit MSR Cambridge Labs on Friday--still working that out.

Looks as though I'll be meeting Foe for coffee on Saturday.


I'm back in London on the Friday, so I could meet you for a coffee on Saturday afternoon? (I'm guessing you don't want to have a big night before you fly.)

You'll be in London? Oh, lovely! Definitely let's get together Saturday afternoon.

Did you leave town already? and not say goodbye? Have fun in the UK but please be careful.


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