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I have a long-standing tradition of acquiring and becoming obsessive about a new video game during vacations and holidays. This summer is no different--except for the fact that this obsession is actually healthy!

We bought DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) for Lane for his birthday, and it's turned out that I'm the one who's playing it nonstop. Calories burned today: 550 650 900! More fun than a treadmill, that's for sure.

As usual, obsessive game playing will take precedence over blogging, so don't expect to see too much of my here. (Plus there's that pesky packing problem to deal with, too, seeing as how we're leaving in a mere 3 weeks...)


Haha, DDR? Awesome! :-D

DDR rocks. What I would really like is an online component.

Okay. I bought it. Will be sending scores to you long distance and working on our choreography for the synchronized competition.

Apparently DDR Extreme 2 adds in the online head-to-head competition. It's coming out in September. So, Weez, we'll be able to play each other over the net!

That is so awesome.

hi for you ddr what kind of pin style does it have? I bought this DDR matt that said it would be able to play on ps and ps2 but i need some sort of adaptor. Not sure what i'm looking for.

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