my husband rocks (12th anniversary edition)

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Back in February, I posted about my amazing husband, who had bought me a PS2 for an early Valentine's Day present.

Well, he's at it again.

Friday is our 12th anniversary, but I have a conflicting obligation that night. We were trying to figure out what to do about it, when he reminded me that while our actual anniversary is June 3rd, our wedding announcements say June 2nd. (It's a long story.) So we've decided to celebrate our anniversary tomorrow.

The plan is to head out to Seneca Lake after the boys leave for school, rent a pontoon boat, and spend the day lounging in the sun on the lake. The only problem? How to listen to music. We no longer have a working boombox, most of our music is digitized, and headphones are so not romantic for a day on the lake.

Tonight he came back from running errands with an early anniversary gift--Altec Lansing InMotion speakers for me to use with my iPod. Such a lovely thought...but, unfortunately, my 1st generation (5GB) iPod won't work with them, since it doesn't have a dock connector. After I explained that, he looked disappointed, and said he'd take the speakers back tomorrow. But a few minutes later he walked back into the room holding another box...a pink iPod mini!!! Can I just say that it is, without a doubt, the absolute cutest electronic device I've ever owned? So as I type this entry, I'm copying music onto my new toy.

Yes, he rocks. Hard. Twelve years, two kids, lots of downs to go with the ups...but we're still here, still in love, and our marriage is stronger than it's ever been.

I was trying to explain to someone recently the difference between the intoxication of infatuation, and the happiness of a long-time love. It's hard to explain, really. Infatuation has energy and excitement. It's a high. It's like the first drop on the roller coaster--exhilarating and terrifying all at once. Long-term love is sweet and slow and solid and secure. It's knowing that someone knows you--knows all about you, knows what you like, knows how you think. Infatuation takes your breath away; love takes your fears away.

I'm a lucky woman--not because my husband buys me PS2s and iPods, but because he knows me well enough to know those are exactly the right gifts. Because after twelve years of marriage I still laugh at his jokes, respond to his touch, and look forward to a day with him on a lake.

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People in Love from Timbu :: Musings on June 9, 2005 5:06 PM

Liz recently wrote beautifully about gifts and being in love. She's right in so many ways. "I was trying to explain to someone recently the difference between the intoxication of infatuation, and the happiness of a long-time love. It�s hard... Read More

Liz Lawley :"cit"I was trying to explain to someone recently the difference between the intoxication of infatuation, and the happiness of a long-time love. Read More


I appreciate the second to last paragraph. It's really spot on, I think. Congrats, 12 years is something to be really proud of.

Thanks for that post. It really hit home for me. Writing online and sharing your life and thoughts DOES make a difference.

Yes: infatuation can be fun and it can even be part of what leads to love, but anyone who wants to live their life only for that adrenaline rush is missing out on the wonderful depth of companionate love.

Happy anniversary to the both of you!

Hey, you got a PINK ipod mini???!!!
Will Gerald buy all my presents too??

I really like your post -- nice analogy :).

Happy anniversary!

That's very tender. Thanks for sharing it with us. And Happy Anniversary.

I'm looking forward to your sojourn to Puget Sound Country.

You are truly a fortunate woman, but your husband is just as lucky to have you as well, and your kids to have the both of you as parents.

I must also agree with Brendyn, and everytime I hear someone complain about their love life I am going to recite that paragraph to them. I think you explained it perfectly. :-)

Happy 12th anniversary!

A couple days late, but happy anniversary! :)

On infatuation versus love: I belong to a journal site whose members range from planning a wedding to being a newlywed to parenting. Many of the women on there are lucky -- they're in strong, happy, healthy relationships. Others are discovering that their infatuation had nothing to do with love. There's nothing like that initial thrill, but it takes more than that to build a life together.

Try also Sony PSP. It's AMAZING!!! Much better then iPod and PS2. Trust me.

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