packin' up and movin' out


Headed to the airport for a two-day trip to LA. I arrive at 10pm tonight, head back out at 10pm Friday. Weather looks lovely, so I'm packing a bathing suit, and will try to find a few hours to sit by the pool tomorrow.

Rainclouds are moving in here, alas. Crossing my fingers for clear skies at my son's party at the Red Wings game on Saturday night.

Will be trying to focus my mind back on research and writing on this trip. I've let a lot of that slide recently, but it's time to start thinking in polysyllabic terms and endnotes again...


Hello Prof.

This is just a hello. I've been told by many people that I should try to get in touch with you, however you are a very hard person to catch the attention of, understandably.

Firstly, I wanted to offer myself up as a potential resource. I heard that you will be moving to Seattle very soon. I grew up in West Seattle and lived in the city for most of my life. I love it there and i know the area like it were a part of me, so if you have any questions (schools, neighborhoods, restaurants, coffee...) no matter how mundane, feel free to ask me about it.

Secondly, I wanted to get involved with social computing. I'm currently planning a project for RIT that I wanted to bounce off you. Most of the planning is taking place on so if you have some time during the summer then take a look.


Oh, dear. It makes me sad that I'm a hard person to get the attention of. :( I'm glad you posted a comment!

I'll be back from LA this weekend, and in the office all next week...would love to hear about your project idea. I've done a little editing on Rocwiki, and think it's a great site.

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