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The 2005 social computing symposium started this evening with a reception and dinner. Already I'm totally excited about the interactions I had with really interesting people. This year seems to be a more diverse mix than last year, and I've already gotten a chance to meet someone I really wanted to see--Lilia Efimova of Mathemagenic (as well as lots of other great people).

It seems as though this year there's less of a sense of us vs them, academics vs practicioners, and more of a sense of fluidity. It's a little early to make that call, I suppose, but my first sense of the group as a whole was very positive.

I've met a lot of wonderful people who are based here in Seattle, both tonight and over the past few days, which has left me feeling really enthusiastic about our upcoming move. It's so much easier to make a change like this when you know that there will be a social network to cushion your arrival in a new place.

Despite all the goodness here, however, I'm starting to get a bit homesick. I miss my boys (all three of them), and will be glad to get back home on Wednesday morning.

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A few observations of the Microsoft Social Computing Symposium, held in Redmond, WA in April 2004. Read More


Liz -

I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to get you over to the UW this time around - sometime while you're here for your extended period for sure.

Looking forward to reading more about social computing symposium!

- Oren


I wanted to let you know of a new Yahoo! group for people interested in the social software industry. It would be much appreciated if you could help spread the word. Hopefully, we can direct new users to your blog as well. The url is

Thanks a lot!

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