pre-trip panicking

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Tonight and tomorrow are packing days. I'm a little panicked, because I've left everything 'til the last minute. But I'm excited, as well, about the opportunity to see Dubai. Everything I've read about it indicates that it's an incredible city.

I was hoping that they'd put me up in the hotel where the conference is being held--the truly breathtaking Burj-Al-Arab. Alas, I'll only be there for the conference itself on Tuesday. The hotel I am staying at, however, looks quite nice--the Al Bustan Rotana, which is near both the airport and a spa that I hope to hit on Monday to refresh myself upon arrival!

A good friend here in Rochester has relatives in Dubai, and I'm hoping to connect with them while I'm there--it's always so much better to see a new country through the eyes of a local.

The hotel has high-speed access (or so it says), so I expect to be regularly updating the blog, as well as uploading photos to Flickr.

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