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I've received an invitation to participate in the MSN Search Champs v2 meeting next month in Redmond. So far, I've determined that Don Park and David Weinberger were invited back but can't attend, that Shelley Powers was invited but declined, and that Dave Winer isn't attending this time.

The guy who writes PalmSolo (whose name escapes me at the moment) is returning this time. I know that Halley Suitt is going, and I heard that Loïc LeMeur was going to be there as well.

Who else? They say they were shooting for more diversity this time (I was the only person there last time who wasn't a white male), so it will be interesting to see how successful they were.

(And before you ask, no, I don't know how you can get invited. I'm only an invitee, not an inviter.)


I'm a new entry for this edition and, sorry, I'm a white male... Maybe I could try to colour my skin but it's more difficult to look like a woman :))


Hi Liz. I'm coming back for round two. So is Buzz. It'll be great to see you again.


Hi! Congratulations on being invited again!

Robin Good has also announced on his blog that he will be attending the event as well.

Also, on a side note, I'm a bit curious - does Microsoft pay for the flight and accomodations for the invited, and they arrange everything? Or do you have to do it yourself?

Wow...I didn't know that TypeKey would let you have a blank name! :)

Microsoft arranges and pays for *everything*. (They're getting free consulting, really, so it wouldn't be appropriate for them to ask for people to pay for the privilege... ;)

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