return to redmond redux


In addition to the Search Champs meeting I just posted about, I'll also be in Redmond next month for MSR's Social Computing Symposium

Since the two events are less than a week apart, I'm planning on spending the intervening time in the Seattle area to scout out housing options. (July 1st is getting closer and closer...) Would love to get together with Seattle-area friends and fellow bloggers while I'm there!


Liz, if I can lend a hand while you are here in Seattle, please holler! I'll be at the conf too. I'm pretty Eastside ignorant, but am Westside savvy.

Liz, I'll be around and would love to get together too. Would love to have a chance to have you come by the campus and meet some folks. I'm in the same boat as Nancy in terms of being parochially west-sided.

That should be a great event. I wanted to go but didn't get an invitation. I hope they tape it again so I can at least watch the talks later. I hope you enjoy it and blog about it for the rest of us.

Alfred, sorry to hear you won't be there. Maybe I'll get a chance to meet you in between the two structured events I'm husband and I will be house-hunting and getting a feel for the area from the 20-24.

And I'll definitely be blogging it!

My understanding is that they're planning on publishing the position papers, too.

Nancy and Oren, I'm pretty sure that we'll end up on the eastside. I'm a city person at heart, but my husband isn't. And I'm really not willing to give up a big chunk of my day to commuting, because it takes away from time with my husband and kids. I'm asking a lot of them to uproot and come with me for a year, so I need to be respectful of their needs in the process...

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