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There are occasional moments in my life when I look at what I'm doing and marvel at the unlikeliness of it. Today I had one of those moments.

I was eating lunch in the restaurant of my hotel in Dubai, enjoying a dessert of fruit and patries dipped in chocolate from a fountain on the dessert table. As I ate, I was entering information from a stack of business cards into my address book--including one from the Belgian Minister of State.


I've posted a bit about the extraordinary day I had yesterday over on, and am starting to write a much longer travelogue for posting later tonight.

I have nearly 200 photos to upload, but I haven't been able to get any of the Flickr uploading tools to cooperate, so most of the images will have to wait until I return tomorrow evening.

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Just a small comment: I might be tempted to replace "the minister of state" by "a minister of state" as it only is a honorary title. (Miet Smet, however, was a minister - in the usual sense - some years ago).
It's just because we have lots of ministers of state in Belgium, that we rarely mention them as such.

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