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This quarter I'm teaching a graduate course entitled "Current Themes in Information Technology," a seminar class in which the topics du jour are redefined each quarter by the professor teaching it.

It's a distance learning class, so I've decided to teach it using blogs for student work and comments, IRC for weekly class discussions, and IM for office hours.

If you're interested in seeing how my students are approaching the material in the class, you're welcome to stop by their weblogs. I've collected the feeds for their class blogs in Bloglines. (I just added the feeds, and Bloglines takes up to two hours to retrieve posts the first time, so you might want to wait a few hours before checking them out...)

In an attempt to keep spam under control, I've limited commenting to those with TypeKey identities, so if you want to comment on their blogs you'll need to log in with a TypeKey ID. Sorry about that, but it's a necessary evil until better spam-protection measures can be implemented.

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Liz Lane Lawley is teaching a graduate course entitled Current Themes in Information Technology. It’s a distance learning course and she is using a course weblog to organize and present content and is having her students create weblogs where they... Read More

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It's good to know that some professors are doing what they can to make that class more interesting. Very cool!

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