Trying to work at Panera today. I'm behind in some critical work, which makes me miserable, which leads me to get further behind. So I'm trying to break the cycle.

But there are so many people here today. And they're loud. And they're driving me crazy. I have my Sony earbuds, but they're not sufficiently noise-isolating.

I'm really hoping that I get either the Shure e2c or Etymotic er6i earphones for my birthday. Both are supposed to be very effective at blocking out this kind of background noise.

And, while I'm at it, I really need a way to be able to get at my Mac's music library when I'm working on the PC laptop I do my data analysis on. Is it possible for me to set up a VPN to my home network and then find my Mac via iTunes?


See if this might help:



I set up a samba share for my music library and then SSH tunnel to my home network and mount the share when i want to access my music library away from home. it works better for me than using the itunes music library sharing feature.

I bought some Sony MDR-V500DJ headphones from J&R. They aren't noise-canceling in the traditional sense, but nigh impregnable in both directions in my experience. (No crowded rooms yet, though, so maybe they aren't up to that particular task.) These 'phones are also a bit cheaper than the list prices for the ones you mentioned.

WebDAV is another possibility for sharing music to your PC. I believe Windows can mount a WebDAV share as a drive letter under My Computer.

umm, i know $$ is an issue, underpaid as we are, but i suggest that the sure e3c's are by far the more comfortable, and better at sound blocking when seated properly. i can probably get another 2% out of 100 compared to the e2's. the e2's are good though... they are perfectly fine, but they don't fit quite as well unless you use the spongies. the difference on amazon is aroun 50 bucks, which is not insignificant... but i'm tough on equipment and killed two sets of e2's before the e3's. (i'll be sending one of the e2's back shortly for replacement, the other was run over by a truck... not my truck....) btw i think that the sound is a bit richer on the e3's too, and rich sound helps me ignore the slipthrough.

please tell me any etymotic and ultimate ears delaers in uae? i think etymotic er-6i and ultimate ears superif.3 gives better value than shure e3c's

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