sick and tired




Lost my voice, and colleagues who had it happen to them warn that a nasty head/chest cold is likely to follow.

I have no energy.

I have too much work, and haven't yet implemented a real GTD system to keep it under control. (I'm working on it. Really. But it's slow going.)

There are over 3000 unread items in my aggregator.

I'm going to bed.


Hi Liz

I have just begun reading the GTD book, but it does occur to me that most people who start using the GTD method are also the people who really need a methodology right now - if not sooner. Just a thought.



Rest, relax (take a break from everything; I mean it) and feel better! I'm assigning that to you for homework and it will be graded, so don't wait until the last minute to work on your assignment.

I expect good spirits and smiles in your office upon your return.

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