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I told him at dinnertime that I'd put some software up for auction on ebay so that I could buy a PS2 and a copy of Katamari Damacy. He seemed somewhat skeptical, but I figured it was my software, so I could go ahead and do what I wanted with it.

He went out after dinner to buy groceries. After the kids were in bed, he asked me for some help in the living room. When I walked in, this is what I saw.


How cool is that? (No need to answer. I already know it's pretty damn cool.)

He says it's an early Valentine's Day present. So much better than roses.

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Happy V's Day from daveynin's thing on February 14, 2005 9:26 PM

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Now THAT is a Valentine's Day Gift! Hey, I have a birthday coming up in June, do you think he could surprise me with something like that too? :-)

j/k - very cool gift(s); no more ET lab for you!

My differential equations professor was hoping that his wife would get him one of those for Christmas. He didn't get one though.

Holy cow. I figure I only have a chance of getting one when our two year old gets a little older...

Nerd marriages kick butt. (I got a PS2 for my sixth wedding anniversary last November.

Katamari Damacy rocks!

Katamari Damacy is like crack, only more addictive. A friend of mine who has a Spencer grant to play video games - er, research video games - introduced me to it the other day. Beware, productivity is guaranteed to diminish! :)

Alas, the warning comes too late, Sarah. I got hooked on Katamari Damacy in our game development lab, and the whole reason I wanted the PS2 was to play it. :) (Well, that and GTA, but mostly Katamari.)

It is a truly bizarre game, but extraordinarily addictive!

Katamari Damacy rules - which is interesting as it's a relatively obscure game. If you can find it, the soundtrack in itself is quite a wonderful thing. All the music from the game, but you can actually be productive while listening to it :-)

It's apparently becoming quite the sleeper hit. Gerald had to go to four stores before he found one that had it in stock--they all said they sell it out almost as fast as they get it in.

I love Katamari Damacy! I had to get my copy from Amazon because it was sold out everywhere. The game is really easy to beat, but there are secret stages to play. I'm glad they're making Katamari Damacy 2 soon.

I also own Katamari Damacy the game, and it rocks. The ending credits are pretty surprising, don't want to spoil on you until you see it.

gotta admit that the soundtrack is perfect for the game. as someone oddly put it before, it's great rolling music.

I got Joey a PS2 for Christmas and he bought Katamari Damacy - even I am completely hooked and I am not much of a gamer. I sing the theme music in the shower, on the phone with Joey, all the time. My favorite part of the opening sequence is of course the dancing pandas. :) And um yay for nerd marriages.

Funny to read Wendy talking about her getting Joey a PS2 for Christmas and the two of them getting hooked on Katamari Damacy, because it was Joey's post about that that convinced me to buy a copy of the game for the PS2 I bought my wife for her birthday (a week before Christmas). The PS2 was originally intended for my wife to use to play Dance Dance Revolution, but KD seems to be getting more screen time from both of us.

And we sing the songs to each other (to the best of our ability given our lack of fluency in Japanese) all the time.

Since I heard that you mastered the game, I think you should try beating it with this hand puppet. Put the puppet on your hand and attempt to use the PS2 controller- hours of fun!

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