settling down for a long winter's night

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We've had about six inches of snow on the ground all week; the temperature hasn't risen enough to melt it, so it just sits there, or blows around.

Today the snow started up again, along with subzero temperatures, and winds gusting up to 30mph. We're supposed to get 3-6" this afternoon, and another 6-10" overnight. Brrrrrr.

We got all of our morning errands done (we think Lane did well in his cello solo competition this morning, but won't know 'til tonight at the earliest), and we're all home now, safe and sound and warm and cozy, watching the snow fly sideways past the windows. I doubt we'll be going anywhere for at least 24 hours, maybe longer.

Time to start a fire in the fireplace, crack open a novel from the library, and pipe some music from iTunes to the Airport Express...

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