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I'm up late...too late...grading student projects tonight. I have iTunes on party shuffle, after having spent the past week or two loading up my library with a ton of CDs I haven't listened to in ages.

A few moments ago, a song started playing that I haven't heard in years. And suddenly I was flooded with memories of the first time I heard the song--in 1989, to be exact. I can remember the location (a bed-and-breakfast in West Virginia), the weather (crisply cold and sunny), the golden color of the wood in the sunlit high-beamed room I was in, the smoky smell from the fireplace, and the way the singer (Diane Schuur) blew me away with her voice. I bought the CD as soon as I got back to DC.

Very strange, how a song can do that. Send you tumbling backwards in time, back to a place that you didn't know you even remembered.

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Aural history: U2 and me too from Julie Leung: Seedlings & Sprouts on January 22, 2005 5:08 AM

Both Liz Lawley and DrBacchus on the same day this week posted about memories that came to mind while listening to music. Liz commented: Very strange, how a song can do that. Send you tumbling backwards in time, back to... Read More

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