inboxes are back!

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...and there was much rejoicing.

What's a inbox, you might ask? It's a list of all the new bookmarks added by the people you subscribe to in, and all the new posts to tags that you subscribe to. Here's mine. Links on the left, subscriptions on the right.

As Joshua has pointed out to me, it's really just an aggregator. Whatever. It's my information lifeline--my sense of what the people whose "information instincts" I trust are looking at. My personalized web recommendation system. And I'm soooooo glad it's back.

Thanks, Josh!

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Like Liz, I'm ever so happy. I missed them terribly. mamamusings is one of the inputs to mine. Jeff pointed out that I could have worked around their absence by subscribing to various feeds, but I just like browsing Read More


Yay! I find Deli inbox to be a great intermediate layer between the groaning newsreader and the sometimes-neglected blog :-)

Glad to see you have an (old) article from us on your current feed. There's an update ( ) if you are interested.

I always find your observations refreshing, both here and on M2M - thanks.

Thanks, Lee...both for the link and the kind words. :)

hey elizabeth - i think you might enjoy these write ups on how to use delicious from my colleague Cote..

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