and that was the week that was


Well, I've proven to myself that I can do the single parenting thing if I have to--and do it competently. I've also never been happier about going to the airport than I am today--Gerald's flight gets in a little after 10. We'll all be very glad to have him home.

All in all, it's been a very good week, though busy. I've managed to keep the house clean (including laundry and bathrooms, no small accomplishment around here), feed myself and the kids healthy foods, polish off a lot of languishing "to-do" items, and pull off a very successful seminar for the lab this afternoon. (I'll be posting the presentation and related links on the LSC site this weekend.)

What I haven't done is sleep. Not enough, at least. I've been getting to bed after midnight each night, and waking up at 6:30am so that I can get the kids up by 7 and off to school by 7:30. And I haven't had much of a chance to exercise, either. Or get to Al-Anon meetings. Or do much blogging. So while we all survived--and even thrived--this week, clearly this is not a sustainable model.


I finally got around to going to the LSC site and was tickled how clean it is (and that you are using MediaWiki which I think is super too), but I couldn't find the feed button. There must be a feed, it is kinda bloggy. No matter, I fed the URL to NewsGator and it found the feed.

Congratulations. Have fun. Have a happy and productive and satisfying New Year.

A bit late, but I wanted to say that it was indeed a successful seminar. Your discussion on blogs, in particular, was especially enlightening—and I had thought I already knew about blogs(!) You are such a great public speaker that it is always a privilege to hear you share your knowledge and wisdom.

And I mean that most sincerely. =)


Thanks, Jay. It's easier to speak well when I'm talking about something I love. :)

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