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For those of you who are always so impressed by how well I manage all my various roles, here's some evidence that I don't always manage them all that well.

On Friday, Lane was diagnosed with a case of walking pneumonia, and the doctor prescribed a five-day course of antibiotics for him. He started them Friday, and today after brunch he needed to take his third dose. Gerald was out, the boys were fighting, and I'd just sent Lane upstairs after scolding him for whacking Alex with a plastic sword. I decided to take the pill upstairs rather than calling him back down, so I popped it out of the pack, grabbed a drink, and started to go up. But then Alex distracted me because he wanted ice for his foot, and somehow in the confusion I took the damn pill rather than carrying it upstairs. I realized mid-swallow what I was doing, but it was too late.

So now we're one pill short, and I'm going to have an upset stomach all afternoon (my digestive system doesn't take well to Zithromycin). And tomorrow I'm going to have to call the doctor's office, admit to my stupidity, and see if it's possible to get a prescription for just one pill (I have no idea if they even sell them singly, since this was a packaged set.)

I hope that makes those of you who envy my multitasking abilities feel a little better. :)


Update, Monday morning: I stopped by the pediatrician's office on the way into work and told them my tale of woe. After they stopped giggling, they gave me this. Problem solved.


In my household, we have what we call "the façade of adequacy." We are masters at maintaining it. But you can guess the ugly truth. At least the kids are happy. (Then again, they don't know much better, do they?)

Liz...ok, so you ARE human, we'll get over it! :)

Skip the contact with the MD and try grovelling to your pharmacist.

I don't mean to make fun of your troubled stomach and inconvenience, but I couldn't help but laugh out loud when I read your story. I laughed because I could see myself doing the same thing.

I think most everyone can relate to that thing called 'autopilot', which is the antithesis of being in the moment. =)

Heh, I'm really laughing-out-loud picturing you mid-swallow.

Liz - oh, lol! The Dr's office may very well have samples of the drug that they'd give you - well, not you...Anyways, you'll probably make their day with this good chuckle! Can I send it in to Reader's Digest?!

Ah, but have you ever fed the pill to the wrong kid? Did that once, fortunately just with a Tylenol Cold and not an antibiotic.

Good story, and you'll laugh at it in time, but what a pain. Thanks for the telling. ;-)

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