reasons to be happy

  1. My web design class this quarter has a critical mass of interesting, engaged, talented students--which, in turn, makes me want to engage with them, which gets a wonderful cycle going. I'll be looking forward to seeing their post-break projects.
  2. There's a little bit of blue sky outside my window right now--a rarity at this time of year.
  3. I have full-spectrum lights in my office, which compensates for the usual lack of sun.
  4. Party Shuffle on iTunes.
  5. The family latke recipe. If you're nice, I might even share it here. You would be so lucky if I did.
  6. Weez and I made it to the gym this morning, and managed a serious workout between giggles.
  7. An exciting announcement about social computing at RIT is forthcoming later this week.

There's more, but I'm off to run errands and light candles. Ho, ho, ho.


So, how does your family pronounce "latke." Having just joined a synogogue in Chicago, we were surprised to find it lot-KEE, rather than the more familiar LOT-ka.

Dear Liz,

Loved your list. One of mine would include mamamusings. Your number 1 sounds wonderful, having a critical mass of interesting, engaged, talented students. Much of that has to come from your energy and love of your course that inspires their reaction. Good on you.

Thank you for all your terrific work here.

Have you been able to move any more forward with documentation here on courseware using Movabletype 3.X?

Happy holidays to you and all your family.


I was reminded on number five on your list while reading this post on another blog, Latkes Regained. Robert's post was heartbreaking and beautiful when understood in the context of the lost loved one.

Accentuate the positive.

Where'd ya get your full-spectrum lights, Liz? We're rearranging the home office, and such lights would be perfect.

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