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After more hours of tweaking CSS and MT than I'm willing to admit, I've got a new personal website up and running on my RIT account. It's based on MT as a content management system--the navigation menu is generated from the catgory list, and the content pages are made up of entries in those categories. All comments and trackbacks are off, and I'm using only category archives.

The advantage of this is that i didn't have to design and implement my own database and coding scheme to store and output the content. Now that it's running well, I can just use MT to add or edit entries in any of the categories, or to add and delete categories.

The site is valid CSS and XHTML, with the exception of one javascript instruction on the main page that I've still got to figure out how to make xhtml-valid. (I had to change "onClick" to "onclick".) And it's graphics-free, with the exception of the picture of me in the corner. It degrades gracefully without CSS, as well.

(I figured if I was going to demand all this of my students, I really ought to do it myself, too...)

Oh, and many thanks to bopuc (Boris) for his help in squashing a couple of odd CSS bugs I encountered late last night!

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It's so refreshing to see someone put together a clean and simple set of Web pages. Professor Lawley did so again and it immediately rejuvenated my will to code. Her new personal Web site is clean and just-the-facts-ma'am design is... Read More


Nice new site! Very clean & simple; not a trace of ambiguity to be found anywhere. I've faced just a few of the challenges that CSS brings to the table and can feel what you went through just by reading your entry.

Very nice work.


Very nice! Clean, simple and elegant, and it uses all of those concepts that you beat into our heads every quarter. :-)

Is there any chance that the rest of the department will follow suit and get at least halfway-decent web pages put together? Most in multimedia don't have too much work to do, but the rest of you guys are slacking off! :-)

I like the look: things are nicely and obviously sectioned off. One minor nitpick is that I've got a rather unsightly horizontal scroll bar (I browse at 640px-wide). Perhaps change some pixels to percents?

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