have you donated to the red cross yet?

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A 2-year-old girl who lost her home and her father is held by her mother.

As of 10:30 this morning, only about 70,000 people had made donations on Amazon's site. While the total amount donated is heartening, it could be so much more if everyone who shops at Amazon made a donation of some kind.

My kids each donated $10 of their holiday money--and watched as the donation counter went up after we submitted the payment.

If you've got an Amazon account, there's no excuse for you not to use it to donate today. Look around at the relative riches you have. Can you really say that you don't have $5, or $10, or more, to help?

Skip today's latté, or the movie you were going to see, or fancy dinner you were going to treat yourself to. Use that money to help kids like the ones in these photos--who've lost their parents, who've lost their homes, who are at grave risk of death from diseases that will soon strike these devastated areas.

A young swedish boy holds a sign that says "Missing Parents and 2 Brothers"

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tsunami waves from Liliputian Lilith on December 30, 2004 11:16 PM

And ways to help - here, here, here, here. Giving money to the Red Cross at amazon takes about three clicks of your mouse if you have an account set up. You can watch the donations total go up in... Read More

small flowers crack concrete from thanks for not being a zombie on December 31, 2004 11:14 AM

Home safe after travels to NY and Philly. Soon I hope to write about who I met and what I did over the last week. However, I am currently thinking that the best way to end 2004 and start 2005... Read More


Great post! I'm heading over to Amazon right now to donate!

If you're uneasy about the Red Cross, because it refuses to accord Israel's Red Star of David (in Hebrew, Mogen David Adom, or MDA) recognition, on account of its Jewish star symbol, while sumulaneously according recognition to the pan-Arab Red Crescent Society, there are other good ways to donate.

(Red Cross recognition is important because it gives Red Cross and Red Crescent vehicles a level of protection in international law that is denied to MDA ambulances and rescue vehicles.)

The Union for Reform Judaism (URJ), the institutional voice of North American Reform Jewry, is circulating the following plea for help, and prayer, to Reform congregations and congregational leaders:

From: Emily Grotta, URJ Director of Marketing & Communications

As we gather in the safety and security of our homes and synagogues this Shabbat, we pray for the welfare of those whose lives were devastated by the forces of nature in the past week. Rabbi Marla Feldman, director of the Commission on Social Action of Reform Judaism, wrote the prayer
below for you to use in your worship this Shabbat. (Note: the prayer is available online in an easy to reproduce format at www.urj.org/relief)

We hope you will urge your members to be generous in donating to help in this disaster by donating either to the Union's Disaster Relief Fund or to one of the agencies which we recommend.

Note that donations may be made online at www.urj.org/give. Canadian residents should mail their donations to the Canadian Council offices, 3845 Bathurst Street, Suite 301, Toronto,Ontario M3H 3N2, Canada)

American Joint Distribution Committee: http://www.jdc.org/

American Jewish World Service: http://www.ajws.org/

Doctors Without Borders: http://www.doctorswithoutborders.org/

Direct Relief International:

International Rescue Committee: http://www.theirc.org/

A Prayer for the Victims of the Asian Tsunami

May be read following the Torah reading and/or prior to the Mi Shebeirach blessing on Shabbat Sh'mot, (December 31-January 1, 19-20 - Tevet):

On this Shabbat, we begin telling the saga of our people's Exodus from Egypt, our journey from slavery to freedom, from servitude to covenant.
We recall that moment of deliverance at the Sea of Reeds when we miraculously passed through the waters, yet witnessed the watery death of others. Rather than rejoice at our own survival, we are taught to hear the cries of the victims; God silenced the angels who would celebrate the survival of the Israelites, proclaiming "The work of My hands is drowning in the sea."

As we gather this Shabbat, we remember the loss of tens of thousands of God's children killed this week in the Asian Tsunamis. We pray that the
survivors find strength and comfort. We pray that those who search for missing loved ones be sustained with courage and hope. We pray that
those who have lost so much have the fortitude to rebuild their lives.

Loving and gracious God, who created the earth in all its fullness, grant them comfort, healing and peace. Be their help, in this, their time of need.

As it is written:
There was a great and mighty wind, splitting mountains and shattering rocks by the power of the Eternal; but the Eternal was not in the wind. After the wind - an earthquake; but the Eternal was not in the earthquake. After the earthquake -fire; but the Eternal was not in the fire. And after the fire - a still, small voice. (I Kings 19:11-12)

May we be the voice that brings comfort and hope in the midst of the storm.

Apparently, the US government has only donated $35 million in humanitarian aid. The donations through Amazon are steadily rising. I wonder how the donation total from US citizens compares to the government's contribution.

Thanks much for your posts. I made a gift. I also sent an email to friends and family letting them know how easy it is to give online at Amazon.

I don't know how the donations from private citizens compare to U.S. government's donation. However, according to the email I just received from Moveon.org, the U.S. government spends $35 Million every 7 hours in Iraq. $35 Million in aid certainly doesn't seem like much in comparison, and I hope as the situation is assessed, the U.S. government will do more to quickly fund relief efforts.

$35 million from a country that rich! Much smaller Canada has pledged CN$40million, and Australia AU$35 million.

I have a few late holiday presents owing, and I will be making donations in the names of the recipients.

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