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Two new blogs added to my aggregator this week.

The first, "Bad Mother" by Ayelet Waldman, was recommended by my friend Allison. Ayelet is a published novelist, married to a Pulitzer-prize winning author, with four kids ranging from 1 to 10 years. Her blog is delightful--what's not to like about a site with an entry that begins "There are not enough drugs in the world to alleviate the horror of being home alone with four children, one of whom is completely enraptured with his father."

The second, "Hurtling" by Richard Hodkinson, is more of professional interest to me. Richard is a graduate student at USC's Annenberg School, and shares my interest in backchannels as a destabilizing communication tool.

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...I can catch up on all my important blog reading. After all, 2004 is the year of the blog (via Liliputian Lilith). Via Liz, I just learned about Bad Mother, a weblog by the novelist Ayelet Waldman, author of Daughter's... Read More

I have an article on the political implications of podcasting at Personal Democracy. It's mainly about what podcasting is, and then it does the predictable political speculation. There's a terrific article on the same topic at And whi... Read More

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Thanks for the Lin to Ayelet. Extremely humerus... I have something to look forward to when we start to have kids. I just wish that the free version of sites had syndication functions...

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